The Independent (U.K. Newspaper) asks Jesse Morrell Questions about Covid 19, Wuhan Labs, and Bill Gates

The Independent Newspaper in the U.K. contacted me about my viral article about Covid 19, Wuhan Labs, and the Bill Gates connection.
These were her questions with my answers:
QUESTION: “Your article is very lengthy and contains a lot of information. What made you put it all together?”
My initial concerns were over the economy. When President Trump first suggested that he was going to shutdown the economy until July August, and he looked back at Fauci to confirm those dates, I got very concerned. I knew that an economic shutdown lasting for months would result in a flood of bankruptcies and unemployment. That chain reaction means the banks will be hit with a wave of bad business loan and defaulted mortgages. And that leads to a banking collapse. The US economy and the US banking system is too big for the US Government to bailout. That would result in the collapse of the dollar.
My first article on this subject was on The Death Toll of a Global Economic Collapse:
I actually shared that article to the White House page two days before President Trump had a sudden change of course and began insisting on reopening the economy. He actually used many of my talking points in his briefing that day, almost verbatim. I just felt like Dr. Fauci was giving the President bad advice and so I began to be very vocal, posting on the White House page and lots of news pages too.
I just couldn’t understand why Dr. Fauci thought that this unprecedented course of action, which is not the normal pandemic protocol, was the his advice to the President. Especially as reports were coming out on how the virus was not a serious threat to most people. As I began to research more about Dr. Fauci, that led me back to Bill Gates and Gates ties to Communist China and the Wuhan labs that had horseshoe bats and the coronaviruses. The economic shutdown itself was weird enough but things kept getting weirder. What made sense was that Dr. Fauci had a “conflict of interest” working for Bill Gates vaccine investments, while also serving on the White House coronavirus task force. That explained why he was resisting other drugs and pushing for a long economic shutdown until there was a global vaccination. “Follow the money” is an old principle of investigation. “Who benefits from this?”
QUESTION: “How would you describe your own day-to-day life and job, and the community you live in?”
My area is on lockdown but it is not strict and it is reopening soon. I just want life to get back to normal. I was investing in real estate prior to this virus and economic crisis. I got distracted from that when the world started to fall apart. I’m not the type of person to just panic and do everything that you are told. I wanted to rationally and logically figure out what was going on and make up my own mind as to the best course of action. That is what got me started on my research into this crisis. I had no idea that Wuhan Labs and Bill Gate connections were valid and legitimate. That sounded like some bogus conspiracy theory to me. Something wild that somebody made up that would make a good movie but couldn’t be reality.
QUESTION: “Have you personally met anyone affected by Covid-19/does it seem like a big problem where you live?”
I have not met or known anyone that has been confirmed to have had covid 19. One person in my neighborhood died from it. He was 91 years old. I believe that my family and I had it and beat it. For three days I had all the symptoms. We beat it, whatever it was, naturally with our immune system. And reports are coming out now that a lot of people likely had it, beat it, and now have herd immunity but haven’t been tested. I’ve been saying for weeks that since most people who have the virus have mild or no symptoms, and only the severe cases with symptoms are being tested, that data that is based only off confirmed cases is way too high when it comes to the actual mortality rate. And it is the mortality rate, not the death toll itself, that needs to be the criteria to judge whether an economic collapse is a justified approach or not. But this isn’t Ebola or the Plague, as even the early numbers have shown. A lot of society had it and beat it already and now need to get back to work. Continuing a long economic shutdown, with people with immunity just sitting locked up in their homes, simply makes no rational or logical sense. People are losing their businesses and their jobs. The economic consequences will be worse to most people than the virus itself. And I’ve seen the economic consequences affect more people in my area than the virus. That is the big problem where I live. Small towns especially may never look the same. I started talking about the economy back when nobody was talking about it because back then it was considered insensitive to talk about it when people were dying from the virus. But I argued from the beginning, more people would die from an economic collapse.
QUESTION “A lot of what you talk about is based around the idea that there is a danger of America or the world being taken over by communism and/or socialism. Why is this is a persistent threat, do you think?”
Communists have always wanted Global Communism. That is no secret. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy fact. China is still a communist country. Communists are still in the world. The director of W.H.O. is a Communist, for example. His name is Tedros Adhanom. He was a member of a violent Ethiopian Communist Party called the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. It was labeled as a terrorist organization in the 90’s by the US Government. Now he infiltrated the medical system and has been promoting Communist propaganda from China over the virus, which is why Trump cut funding to the W.H.O. to the toon of 500 million dollars a year. In my country, Bernie Sanders is a out of the closet Socialist who campaigns on Socialism. It is no surprise that Communists want to infiltrate the Health System, as healthcare is a way for Socialism to infiltrate Capitalist societies. I believe the Government exists to protect our rights, not to meet all of our needs. And to confiscate one person’s wealth to redistribute to another person for them to consume it on their own private needs, is theft. Socialism is fundamentally an unjust system. It takes away the rights of the individuals and empowers the Government – the opposite of what the United States Constitution was intended and designed to do. Socialists shouldn’t even be allowed to run for Office in the United States because they cannot swear to uphold the Constitution – which protects our rights to private property.
QUESTION: “How does US politics play into this? Is this a Democrat vs Republican problem, or otherwise? How would you align yourself as a voter?”
I am a conservative, a Christian, a Constitutionalist, and a Capitalist that believes in the free market. I am a registered Republican only because they generally represent my values. But I am not into “party politics.” I am a man of principle, not party. I’m not a sheep that follows the herd. I don’t look at the majority or what is popular to decide what I should believe or how I should behave. I think the majority is usually wrong. I’m an individual and a free thinker. For example, I have friends that fully supported Trump when he shutdown the economy and America started to descend into a Police State. They were cheerleaders for Trump even then simply because it was Trump. But I said that if it was Obama or Hillary who was doing these things, they would be freaking out. I was critical of the President on those matters when my friends were not. But when Trump had a sudden break from Dr. Fauci’s plans, he restored my confidence and I began to vocally support what he was doing again. I said shutting down the economy was the worse possible decision President Trump ever made and reopening the economy will be one of his best. And I have even since been critical of the shutdown, stating that neither the Constitution nor the Congress ever gave the President or Governors the authority to close and reopen the economy. It is unprecedented. The framings of the Constitution never had any intention of this. The argument is that in an emergency the President and Governors can issue Executive Orders that are essentially the same as Law. Be that as it may, I have been critical of my Republican President for this shutdown. But even more so, I’ve been critical of Dr. Fauci. Trump surrounds himself with experts and listens to their advice. That is how he runs his businesses. That is how he runs his government. Like how Andrew Carnegie knew nothing of the science of how steel was actually made. I knew the problem was that Trump was getting bad advice from Fauci, which is why I focused my criticism on him.
QUESTION: “Does your faith inform how and why you communicate these things?”
Yes the Bible says that if you see calamity coming to a city and you do not warn them, their blood will be on your hands. I saw an economic collapse coming quickly on the horizon, even back when nobody in the news was talking about it, so I had to speak up. The Conservative Voices in the news and even President Trump initially just said, “We have to do this shutdown to stop the virus. It’s going to save lives. The economy will just come booming back,” and that is not what I saw happening after months and months of a shutdown. Never before has the economy of an entire nation been shutdown. If it isn’t stopped, it will be worse than the Great Depression. My faith requires me to love my neighbors, so when other people were telling me to just “Shut up and listen to the experts” I knew I had to boldly speak out, regardless of popular opinion. And I felt the Lord’s presence when I was writing these things out, even when the initial reaction was criticism from others. I felt the Lord confirming me to keep going and that it was going to make a difference. And now, the President himself has changed course and even my early critics have since been persuaded.
QUESTION: “How about the media you consume, on TV or written?”
I am an avid reader of many books on a vast array of topics. Economics is just a personal pleasure I enjoy studying. The topics of my studies are often determined by what is relevant to my life, so when this pandemic and economic crisis hit, I began to study and research into that. On my phone I have lots of news apps downloaded, from conservative news to liberal news, banking news and world news, etc. I like to read the headlines from both sides to get an idea of what is going on. I have been sharing a lot of my views on these things to my favorite news sites and have been happy to see that usually two days after my comments were made, which usually got a lot of attention and replies on those pages, the main point I was advancing became a Main Headline for those sites. People are listening. Idea’s travel. I wanted to help make a difference.
QUESTION: “There are some who have accused you of spreading conspiracy theories. What would you say to that?”
Ah, here is the real question. I know that Conspiracies happen, as they are just coordinated efforts between individuals, but I am not a Conspiracy Theorist. I am just a guy who started reading the news a little more because of this crisis. I just wanted to understand what was going on and make sense out of a situation that wasn’t making sense. Things weren’t adding up. It didn’t feel right. I am not in the Conspiracy Industry. I don’t make any money by twisting facts together into a Conspiracy Theory. I am actually very conscious of my Brand Image and a Conspiracy Theorist doesn’t fit that at all. It is not in my best interest to be branded as a Conspiracy Theorist.
When I wrote my article on the Wuhan Labs and the Bill Gates connections, I made sure that I simply stated a series of well documented Facts that anyone could find easily from creditable new sources. That the labs in Wuhan had the horseshoe bad and were experimenting with the coronaviruses is an established Fact that the US government was warned about back in 2018. That The Wuhan Institute of Virology is run by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and that Bill Gates is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is also an undisputed fact. That Bill Gates is investing billions of dollars into vaccines is also undisputed. These are the facts. I found it strange that the man who wants to shutdown the economy for months until he can sell the globe a vaccine has ties to the labs were these viruses likely originated. So I wanted to get those Facts out there.
What they were doing with the coronavirus in the Wuhan labs, we can only speculate and that is where the theories arise. Where they developing a bioweapon? Was it released on purpose so Gates could make a killing on his investments? Those are the “conspiracy theories” out there which my article never said were facts. Personally, I wonder if they were developing a vaccine in the Wuhan labs for the coronaviruses and that, through insufficient safety measures, the virus got out on accident to the wet markets. Did an infected researcher go to the wet markets to buy food? Maybe. That’s a theory. There’s a lot of unanswered questions. Communist China has been covering up the origin of this virus. They claim it came from the wet markets but they can’t be trusted. The Congress has launched their own investigations into the W.H.O. and the Wuhan Labs and we will see what Facts they come up with for our unanswered questions. Strangely, both investigations could lead back to Bill Gates, who is the biggest donor to the W.H.O. after the United States. If they were experimenting with vaccines in the Wuhan labs and the virus got out by accident, they need to take responsibility and liability for it. This would be costly, hence the Chinese cover-up as to the virus origin.
My unanswered question is, if vaccines normally take 10-15 years to develop and then 18 months for approval, how is it that Bill Gates already has a vaccine for this novel virus, shortly after its outbreak, and already submitted it to the FDA for approval? How is Gates so confident that “we will have a vaccine in 18 months”? Was Gates directly connected with the Wuhan Institute of Virology? Was the Wuhan lab experimenting with coronavirus for vaccine research? Is that where this vaccine comes from? These are unanswered questions.
Again, Conspiracies do happen. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln is a Conspiracy Fact. But I intentionally wrote my article in such a way as to distinguish what is “Fact” and what is “Speculation” or theory. I figured I could lay out the Facts and let people draw their own conclusions.
I hope this answers your questions! Please let me know when you publish your article!
God Bless,
Jesse Morrell

New Book!


When asked if he saw any evidence that the coronavirus came from a Wuhan Lab, President Trump said, “Yes, I have.”

Mike Pompeo said there was “enormous evidence” that the novel coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan.

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The question of the origin of the pandemic is not a political one but a scientific and historical one.

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Examine all the evidence and see the big picture and come to your own conclusion.

Communists, spies, mad scientists, government cover ups and billionaires; it sounds like a movie but this is true life.


Did Covid-19 come out of a Wuhan laboratory?

Is this virus a communist bioweapon?

Is Bill Gates associated with Communist China?

Is Dr. Fauci a plant in the White House?

Is war with China coming?

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