My New Book! The Wuhan Lab & The Mad Science Dr. Fauci Funded!


New Book!


When asked if he saw any evidence that the coronavirus came from a Wuhan Lab, President Trump said, “Yes, I have.”

Mike Pompeo said there was “enormous evidence” that the novel coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan.

Here is “The Wuhan Lab & The Mad Science Dr. Fauci Funded” with 760 pages with 2,300 sources!

This book contains well documented facts that some people want to keep secret.

The question of the origin of the pandemic is not a political one but a scientific and historical one.

Senator Tom Cotton said that “all the evidence” points to the Wuhan labs.

Examine all the evidence and see the big picture and come to your own conclusion.

Communists, spies, mad scientists, government cover ups and billionaires; it sounds like a movie but this is true life.


Did Covid-19 come out of a Wuhan laboratory?

Is this virus a communist bioweapon?

Is Bill Gates associated with Communist China?

Is Dr. Fauci a plant in the White House?

Is war with China coming?

These are the questions that this book seeks to answer.



As many of you know, my family and I are missionaries to the United States.

During this shutdown, universities and colleges have been closed.

We still witness for the Lord but like everyone else, we’ve been affected by this.

One of the ways you can help support my family and I as missionaries is to buy my latest book!

I’ve done many “all-nighters” writing it because it’s such an interesting and important topic.

These are historic times. These are world changing events. I’m happy to help document everything that has been going on.


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