The National Street Preachers Conference & James White Refuted


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This was the second annual national street preachers conference that our ministry hosted. It was a year ago in 2019. We had also planned a 2020 conference but Texas went into lockdown one week before the conference was scheduled. I am still one year behind on my newsletters but hope to catch up through December before 2021 hits! 

I got this email right before the street preacher conference:



I knew that if Satan didn’t want this conference to happen, we had to do it!

I had just emailed the Police & Local News about the Conference:

Dear Denton Police Department,

I just wanted to give you the “heads up” that The National Street Preachers Conference is returning to Denton, specifically the streets around UNT, on April 11th-12th.

We did some street preaching there last year in March and had a big turn out. One Officer estimated maybe 1,000 students gathered to listen, if you count both sides of the street. Even the news helicopter came out each day.

Crowds that size are not usual when we preach but you never know what will happen this year.

We just want to stand on the public sidewalks and share our message peacefully with the students who are interested. Like last year, we will likely break up into small group discussions.

We will be on West Highland St, facing the Mall staircase April 11th and 12th from 11:30am – 4:00pm.

Just wanted you to know in advance for any logistics on your part that need to be prepared.

Thank you for your service.

God bless,

Jesse Morrell

If you think the Christian life is boring, you are doing it wrong!

The Conference brought in brethren from all over the country. We would have sessions at church each morning, outreaches every afternoon, then sessions in church again after dinner. And sometimes we would also have late night outreaches too. 

Our main outreach was at the University of North Texas in Denton. I’ve been visiting this campus for outreaches since 2005. During our first conference, we caused such a big stir on campus that the local news helicopter hovered above us for two days. This year, we drew the same kind of crowd. Our crowds would consist of anyone from 500 people up to 1,000 people. We would have about 30 street preachers out there and each preacher would have a nice “small group” crowd around them, discussing and debating the things of God. 

During our sessions in church, we encourage each other and enjoy the fellowship. We also learn different apologetics and evangelism tips. We hear from a diversity of speakers and each personality adds different character to the conference. This is how the body of Christ is meant to be, unifying our different personalities and skills for a single purpose – winning souls for Christ! 



During our outreach, a local Gnostic cult leader named Emilio Ramos came out to confront us. He was not happy that we were on “his turf” as he frequents this came to spread his false gospel.

He also seemed very jealous that we were able to draw such a large crowd when nobody really stops to listen to him when he goes out there. This difference is due to the fact that true Christians can boldly confront sin, which draws a crowd, because they are living a holy life. But fake Christians cannot boldly confront the sin of a campus, without glaring hypocrisy, because they themselves are still sinning every day in word, thought, and deed. 

My debate with the heretic Emilio revolved around the question, “Is Sin God’s Plan? Was Sin God’s idea?” Emilios heretic doctrine states that sin was God’s idea, before He ever created mankind, and that He created mankind to sin every day – that this was His plan. I refuted this with Genesis 6:5-6, which states God regretting making mankind all together when He saw how sinful they had become. Man was created for holiness, not sin. Salvation is God’s plan, which saves men from sin. Sin is the enemy, not the plan.

It’s one thing to say God anticipates man’s sin and makes His plans accordingly, like a grandmaster in chess does. But it’s a completely different thing to say that sin is God’s plan. That is pagan heresy – that everything that happens is God’s will. And Gnostic heresy – denying that God creates all of us with free will so that we can choose between good and evil.

I’m working on re-uploading all my Youtube videos soon and I’ll be sure to add my encounter with Emilio soon. “Doctor” James White came to Emilio’s aid, because Emilio did such a poor job defending his position. James White defends Gnostic heresy, re-labeled as Reformed Theology or Calvinism, but White did no better than Emilio did. 

I filmed a response to James White in my studio, which got about 20,000 views the first time I uploaded it. I’ll be re-uploading that soon. Its a fairly exhaustive refutation to this blatant heresy, being 9 hours long! Check my Youtube for updates for when it’s available again. 

This was positive feedback I received for my video response to James White. Again, check my Youtube for when the video is available again! 


“Open Air Preaching Across America: THE MOVIE” is another film I’ll be re-uploading soon to my Youtube. Stay tuned!



Here is a sample of some of the comments people leave on my Youtube. 

As you can see, one minute you get a positive comment, the next minute a negative one. That is why we should live for the audience of One. 



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I have found instagram to be a good witnessing tool. Here is a short dialog I had with someone on one of my abortion posts.



My all time favorite Christian t-shirt! This is also our most popular shirt in our store. Perfect for street preaching!

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I just got an encouraging phone call from a pastor of 25 years. He’s been watching our videos and they have been edifying him greatly, and making him laugh. He’s a bit tired after 25 years but our ministry has given him more energy and zeal for the next year than he’s had in a long time. Praise God!

“Brother Jesse, im from Malaysia. Thank you for your hard work and labour in rebuking sin and preaching the gospel. You have encouraged me to be holy so much. Will be praying for u.” Jackie Lee

“I didn’t even know we were friends on Facebook, for the longest time I’ve been watching your videos and being encouraged through your obedience and faithfulness to God keep up the good work you’re inspiring people without you even knowing it that hate to be lukewarm by being around people who are, it’s not easy that’s for sure” TY

Whoever thinks “Street Preaching doesn’t work” certainly hasn’t read the emails that I have read! When you have a faithful ministry of keeping your hand to the plow, you will have a steady stream of fruit and testimonies. That has been my experience for 20 years now. 




Please be sure to remember my family and I during this Holiday Season.

It seems every year around Christmas time, our normal financial support starts to slow down as everyone gets busy with their holiday shopping and activities. 

We greatly appreciate your prayers and support! 




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