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Hey Everyone!

I’ve been so busy that I’ve gotten behind on my newsletters. I am exactly 11 newsletters behind! But these outreaches were so awesome I certainly want to post about them.

Lord willing I’ll be getting these newsletters out and get all up to date over the past few weeks.

Here is the report from my 2019 mission trip to Canada right before the pandemic hit.


For a few years in a row some of my Canadian friends would bring me out annually to preach in their small town of Dunnville as well as Niagara Falls and Toronto. With the cultural digression from being a conservative Christian nation to a post-Christian nation, Europe is always ahead of the United States in. being further down that road. After Europe comes Canada. Canada has gotten to the point of persecuting Christian pastors and preachers that I have minister friends in Canada who are trying to seek alyssum in the United States, where religious liberties are well protected in conservative states like Texas. A mission trip to Canada in today’s culture is a real mission field. 


For the past few years, the sinful event that I preached at in Dunville would call the border to complain about my crossing. Nothing would come of this and each year the event was surprised I crossed the border without problem. This past trip, at the border crossing, I was flagged for additional screening. While the rest of the plane went down the hallway to the left, I was told to walk down the hallway to the right. That is where border agents would question and search me for three to four hours, to make sure I wasn’t “coming to Canada to break the law.”

I explained to the agents how I come to Canada to visit my friends and we are Christians so we like to go out to the streets and talk to people about Jesus. I explained to the agents that I’ve been to Canada annually for many years and have never been arrested or detained in Canada for anything. I could tell that made a big difference with them. My wife is also a Canadian with a Canadian passport, so I told them we also come to visit family.

After questioning me and searching my bags, the border agents finally asked for my laptop and phone. I wasn’t expecting this but didn’t object. I’ve nothing to hide and just wanted to get into the country to preach and share the gospel.  He asked if they were password protected and I said, “Yes, but I can give you the password no problem.” They took both devises and connected to them, assumingely downloaded everything. And I am happy to say that as a Christian man and as a Preacher that I had NOTHING to be ashamed of. I have nothing to hide. Sadly, this would have been the end for many preachers! If the authorities got a hold of the contents of their devises they’d be imprisoned! And rightly so!

After hours of questions and searching, they said I was free to go no problem. The agent told me that this extra screening was just because “some people don’t like your message” but it’s obvious I am not coming to Canada to do anything illegal. 

And of course, I made sure to share my salvation testimony with the border agents! I’ve been stopped by Canadian border agents three times now while trying to cross the border and each time I always use the opportunity to share my testimony of Jesus! Sometimes I think that makes them want to move me along quicker! 


On my first day there while my friends were busy with other affairs, I walked to a small coffee shop. I had hoped that maybe I’d run into some people to witness to, who might recognize me from years past. That is exactly what happened. A man at the coffee shop saw me and looked stunned. He asked me if I was out of town and after I said yes, he called up his friends on the phone. 

His friends showed up and started cussing at me and threatening me with violence. I remained calm and explained my loving motives for calling sinners to repentance. We had a civil conversation by the end. But this man was so angry and loud yelling at me at first, that the poor coffee shop staff (a teenage boy) was worried and didn’t know what to do. 

I’m sure the demons that work this area were not happy that I was back. They sure seemed stirred up! 

I read a history book at the coffee shop that had a section on how this area has been traditionally hostile towards the early Salvation Army Street Preachers 140 years ago! Two Salvationists were arrested in Dunnville for “disturbing the peace” 140 years ago. Since this area has a history of being hostile towards street preachers, I knew this field needs to be plowed hard. It’s a field full of rocks and thorns. This was my 3 year and I think we are making some progress.


Niagara Falls is an excellent place for open-air preaching. This is not only because of the beautiful scenery but because of the international tourism. One year tourists from India recognized me from YouTube! That shows the impact and far reaching influence the internet has for street preachers! 

There is a park that runs alongside the river where the tourists come to walk and look at the falls. We usually set up our soapbox somewhere in the park. There is also a busy staircase that goes down to some shops that I like to preach as because it has good food traffic and also provides seating for people who want to sit and listen.

This year, however, the Police told us we could not preach in these areas. Instead, they asked that we cross the street and preach on the city sidewalk. There was a busy crosswalk at that intersection, where I’ve thought about preaching before, so we just went there. The nice thing about intersections is that crowds of people have to wait for a minute before the light allows them to walk. This allows you enough time to deliver a nice little sermonette. 


I labeled this entire event a “Sex Cult” because this is a whole subculture that is based upon sex.

The Liberals sure know how to negatively brand whoever opposes their agenda.

But branding is a powerful tool that can go either way. 

Pride Events are really Sex Cults. 

The year prior we did not have a fence between us and the crowd and they surrounded us.

This year we decided to preach outside the fence to have a nice border of protection.

It went much smoother this year as a result than the previous year.

Brethren from all over Canada came in to join us at this event.

When you have 9 large Jesus banners, it’s hard for the event to ignore the street preachers! 

Using a microphone so that all could hear, despite the loud  music from the event, a crowd of. mostly young teenagers and adults gathered on the other side of the fence to listen and ask questions. 

Since we were outside of the event and the crowd in front of us had to walk across the field to intentionally listen to us, it would be hard for them to argue that we were “forcing it down their throats.” The crowd gathered there because they wanted to hear what we were preaching and to engage us in dialog. And like Paul in the book of Acts, we reasoned about sin, righteousness, and judgment to come. 

I’ve noticed lately that most of the people at these events are young people.

Someone made this comment on my YouTube channel not too long ago. 

This shows the sad state that this generation is in!

As society goes deeper into the darkness, the church needs to shine the light brighter than ever. 

There is a whole generation of church kids who were raised on the sissified gospel of “Jesus loves you and accepts you no matter what,” who now support these Pride Events and hate street preachers that call sinners to repentance.

But like the most loving man who ever lived, Jesus Christ, we must call sinners to repentance!

I find it interesting that street Preachers are told they are doing it wrong all the time, not to shove it down peoples throats, to take a less aggressive approach, etc. But they don’t tell that to these Events and Parades that march through town.

In the United States and Canada, sinners are more evangelistic with their sin than Christians are with the Gospel. They advocate, argue, broadcast, protest, boycott, petition, and march for their cause.

Jer 6:15 – Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the LORD.


While we were at it, the team thought we should visit a local church known for its compromise and worldliness and to rebuke it for not standing against this event in this small town.

Apparently none of the local churches around here actually love these people. So many preachers are compromised cowards, refusing to call sinners to repentance like Jesus did. Many pastors just love their offerings and don’t want to rock the boat.

Apparently, this event even had open support from a local pastor. And that is the best friend of the pastor of this church we rebuked. You are known by the company that you keep. 


This event was a highlight of my trip that I was really looking forward to. 

We preached this event for the first time the previous year.

Lovers of anime cartoons dress up like their favorite characters to attend this event.

That makes the atmosphere more fun and festive and gives us plenty of ammo for street preaching – things to springboard off of. 

There was a wide open grassy area where we could position ourselves on the sidewalk to gather a crowd out front. 

With a portable microphone and speaker, we had a crowd of hundreds of people in no time!

We engaged the crowd in dialog and debate and had the team take turns preaching.

It was an awesome time. 

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Street Preachers Getting Arrested

All Across Canada and the USA

You hear in the news all the time at this point about street preachers and church pastors in Canada getting arrested.

Here are three simple points to consider:

1. This is nothing new.

This is biblical Christianity. Getting arrested for preaching is what you see in the Bible over and over again. And this is not new to Canada or the USA. I was first arrested for preaching back in 2002. Friends of mine were arrested through the 80’s and 90’s. And I just read a report of the Salvation Army Street Preachers arrested in Canada back in 1884.

2. It’s bad law.

I’ve had officers tell me, “You have free speech until it offends people.” We always win that in court. In Canada, we will see how well they fair. One Canadian street preacher was arrested and the Officer said it was because what he said was offending the crowd and resulting in the crowd to act in a certain way, as if he had any control over the crowd. Usually the problem isn’t the law itself but with how it is being enforced.

3. You just have to accept it.

It’s going to happen. Getting arrested has always been part of the job description of a street preacher. You have to get to the point where you determine to preach the gospel, regardless of how many times you get arrested. Ultimately we don’t preach because the law allows us to, we preach because God commands us to. You have to get to the point where you determine within yourself to preach the Gospel no matter the cost.



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One guy says we are pushing people away and then the next comment says thanks for opening his eyes! Criticism nullified!

What an encouragement! “See the light…. turn away from sin and live holy” AMEN! 

Pray for this man in Sweden. He repented of pornography and came to the Lord, in part from my preaching but primarily a dream.

“You are a funny preacher and at the same time your telling the truth which I like. 10/10 preaching. Unlucky I cant preach like you because I live in a socialist country (Gothenburg/Sweden). If I just Said ”Homosexuality is a sin” then they would give me a fine, I would have to pay a lot of money. But God put me here for a reason. I have seen Jesus in my dreams a lot. One of the reason I became a Christian was from dreams and your preaching. I saw in a dream when Jesus came back and he was angry at sin, in that dream i turned to my friend and Said it was to late for him (he was going to hell) but I bowed down to my king and saviour Jesus christ (have had a lot of those dreams). None of my family are christians. I became a Christian 3 years ago almost 4. And before I become Christian I watched a lot of porn and im even to ashamed to tell you what i watched (have only told God)but praise God I changed. So now you know about a brother in Gothenburg/Sweden 🙂 God bless. I’ll pray for you and your family. Tim.”

Jesus didn’t show sinners love by giving them hugs. He showed them His love by rebuking their sins. We should do likewise! 

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I stay busy with ministry but not to the neglect of my family!

This was a family time at the park: 

Father and Son haircut: 

We always have family fun together, especially after I return home from a big preaching trip.



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