Dialog with an Atheist: Who Wrote the Genetic Code | Intelligent Design

I asked an atheist:

Who wrote the genetic code?

He responded:

“Jesse Morrell not a ‘code’, just 4 nitrogen bases linked in groups which dictates the biological ‘arrangement’ of any given organism.

So, those base pairs; adenine (A) and thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G) are configured to make gerbils, giraffes, humans, ants, cows, armadillos, and so forth.

In fact, you and other humans are just 136 different combinations of A T C and G away from mice. Isn’t that remarkable?”

I responded:

It’s a code in the same way a binary code of 0s and 1s is a code.

And the specified arrangement of nucleotide bases in the genetic code requires an intelligent mind for the same reason the meaning arrangement of letters in a sentence do.

Any letter can follow another letter but not all arrangements are meaningful information. See: aofifhwowhfogjebwoebfoej. Random generations do not produce information.

And the same is true with adenine, thymine, cytosine, and guanine. Any one can follow any other one.

There’s no chemical affinity that necessitates a specified arrangement just like there’s no chemical affinity in ink that arranges letters in a meaningful way on a page.

These nucleotide arrangements form information for the production of protein. Each nucleotide arrangement corresponds to a series of amino acids, which form a specific protein for a specific function. The genetic code is the information that is entered into the protein making machine called ribosomes, to tell it what protein to manufacture in protein synthesis. It’s the programming.

And the only known cause of intelligent information is an intelligent mind.

That an intelligent mind wrote the intelligent information found in the genetic code is the best explanation and only known possible explanation.

If you find hieroglyphics in a cave you know an intelligent mind has been there and made it.


How the Genetic Code Works in Protein Synthesis

Another atheist commented:

“Jesse Morrell Genetic code is a term we came up with to help explain/describe DNA. It wasn’t literally “Written” and came about very, very, very slowly for different species over literally billions of years. And even without a direct answer, that doesn’t magically go to “God.”. So if an atheists doesn’t know that means they don’t know and neither do you. Well, maybe moreso now.”

I responded:

The coding for the most basic proteins necessary for life could not come about “very, very, slowly” or else you couldn’t have a single cell.

We do know the cause of information. An intelligent mind. This isn’t a fallacy of filling in the gap, an argument from ignorance. We know the cause of information.

The only known cause of intelligent information is an intelligent mind.

If you know of another cause of information, the burden of proof is on you to submit your evidence.

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