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5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Timothy J. Bortner says:

    Hey Jesse,

    My name is Timothy J. Bortner and I just came across your site here and thought I’d drop you a line of encouragement in the Lord for your good work of defending The Faith against what I call “Augustinian Calvinism”.

    I myself have written a number of books promoting holiness and therefore against the heresy of “unconditional eternal security” and Calvinism in general. The last work against Calvinism was a little over 268,000 words and is a 2-part work. The first 70m words are a history of Calvinism back to Augustine and gnosticism; the remainder of this work is a direct attack against TULIP.

    As of yet none are published due to the nature of the works; i.e. no so-called “Chistian Publisher” will touch them due to the controversy surrounding these issues. But all things in the Lord’s good timing. Unbeknownst to me when I started trying to publish is the fact that most publishers are of this heretical way. And even the few that I have come acrosss that agree with me don’t want to rock the “ecumenical boat” that so very many are adrift on today.

    Nevertheless, I am presently going through your work against “total depravity” and it’s Augustinian/gnostic roots. Thus far it appears to be quite well written and accurate and so far I couldn’t agree with you more concerning your stand against the TULIP heresy.

    Anyway my friend, keep up the good work and please feel free to contact me via e-mail.

    A Christian,
    Timothy J. Bortner

  2. Marcella says:

    Excellent! How refreshing to find a website that doesn’t promote Calvinism! Thanks for speaking out against the heresy!

  3. Bob Brand says:

    I’m interested in the legal rights data card or info that you talked about in one of your You Tube clips regarding street preachers’ rights. Thanks, Bob

  4. Its now 1:40 AM here in the Philippines and still awake because I am great encouraged by your ministry… I am greatly committed to the Lord right now, by the help of the Holy Spirit, to in a way pursue the Word of God on this world like what you do…

    May God richly bless you brother…

    All the power and glory to God.. in Jesus Mighty Name….

    Your friend and brother in Christ…

    John from the Philippines

  5. Mikialen Subaini says:

    I noticed that yiu guys do street preaching I’ve always been interested and helping people who don’t know Jesus I live in Fort Worth and will like to know when you guy would be doing a street preach I would like to be apart of it if possible

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