Free Christian Book by Jesse Morrell – Cleansing the Temple: A Call to Radical Christianity



 “Cleansing the Temple” was written by a young fiery street preacher. Jesse Morrell was only eighteen years old in 2003, preaching in the streets of New England, when he began to write the contents of this book. It is not your typical Christian book. It is a compilation of very passionate articles calling the church of believers to uncompromising holy service to God. This book is primarily about purity, prayer, and preaching. The hope is that this book will cleanse modern Christianity to be the bride that Christ wants her to be.

“It is my prayer and belief this book will be used by God to purify and perfect His church to do the work of the ministry and raise up laborers for the harvest.  It is packed with scripture, anecdotes, historical nuggets, personal examples and testimonies.  It is not necessarily a devotional book but it will challenge you to seek the Lord.  It is not necessarily a book on doctrine but it is full of sound doctrine and will make you want to read your Bible.  It is not necessarily an open air training manual but will prepare you for open air ministry.” ~ Micah Armstrong,  2016

“Cleansing the Temple was a life and perspective changer…..” ~ Jason



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