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Hello Everyone,

My family and I are creating a contact database for our open air ministry.

This contact list is for those who would like us to:

· Contact them when we are in the area to join in our outreaches;

· Or, who would be able to provide a host home for us in the area;

· Or, those who would like to host a conference, seminar, or provide a speaking opportunity.

If you would like to be on added to this list, please email me the following information:

1) Phone Number (please indicate if it is a home number or cell number)

2) Physical Address

3) Email Address

4) Comments expressing that you:

· Want to join in our outreaches.

· Are able to be a host home.

· Would like to host a conference, seminar, or provide a speaking opportunity.

You do not need to be in the United States to be an Open Air Outreach Contact, as we need contacts for foreign mission trips as well.

Thanks and God Bless!

Jesse Morrell – Taking the Gospel Where it Belongs


5 Responses to Become An Open Air Outreach Contact

  1. Robert Lynn Sturges says:

    Robert Lynn Sturges, 260-471-0660, I will help in any way we can. We live in Auburn Indiana. Thank you for the article on sinful nature. I have believed as you do since I read Charles Finneys work years ago. Most get mad and exclude you from their group if you disagree with the evil doctrine of sinful nature. It has become the greatest excuse for sin our country has ever seen. I am afraid that millions will wake up in hell for this one doctrine alone.

  2. Ben Monteith says:

    I used to street preach in Butte Montana, back in the late ’80’s

  3. Silas lubega says:

    There is nothing like taking the good news to the lost

  4. Chad Whitehead says:

    I support you and your ministry.

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