I’m Thankful for You – Happy Thanksgiving from the Morrell Family!


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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This year I am incredibly thankful for all of our faithful supporters – our prayer partners and financial givers!

It’s been your kindness and generosity that makes our ministry possible!

Looking back over the past year, we’ve had an amazing time of ministry.

We were able to bring the gospel to places like Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alaska, and Virginia!

Every month I get messages like:

“Thank you for your ministry! I started out as a mocker watching your videos but now I’m a believer!”

“Your ministry saved my life and my marriage!”

“Your preaching got me through drug withdrawals in rehab!”

“I started street preaching because of your ministry!”

God is on the move! He is changing lives! And He is raising up more laborers for the harvest field!

I’ve been diligently working to get over 1,000 outreach videos back up on our YouTube channel because these videos reach people from all over the world!

Right now, my family and I are preparing for an extended mission trip to Alaska!

I started my street ministry at the bus stops in the streets of New England during the winters. I’m excited to be preaching in the snow again!

Anchorage is a city that really needs a move of God, especially on the streets, as it is full of drugs, alcohol, homelessness, etc.

We leave in a week for our family mission trip. I am excited about the kids being more involved in the ministry now that they are getting older!

We need more financial supporters!

As a family of six, battling the ever increasing prices from inflation, we are in need of more financial givers to our ministry.

Especially during the Holiday season, our support really slows down.

If you have been blessed by our ministry and you want to help get behind what God is doing, would you consider becoming a monthly supporter or giving a one-time donation?

As a missionary family, we live by faith as God puts it on the hearts of His people to help support the mission with tithes and free will offerings.

Donate One-Time or Become a Monthly Supporter

You can also give by mail if you prefer!

If you would like to get a 2021 tax break for your financial giving, make checks out to Crossroads Community Church. Or make checks out to “Jesse Morrell” if you’d like them to just be personal gifts.

Physical Mail:

Jesse & Krista Morrell

P.O. Box 1527

Lindale TX, 75771

Thank you to all of our supporters! We couldn’t do all that we do without your help! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 



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