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We came to Tyler Texas to have our baby. We chose this location because it feels like home to us. It is where I meet my wife and where we were married. But the main reason we love coming back to Tyler to have our kids is the midwife program they have at the hospital and the friends that are here to support us. Since we have been settled here a little while for the birth, I’ve been doing some local outreaches where I can. Tyler Junior College has given me some problems in the past, even arresting me, but I have now found a good city street to preach from.  



When you want to preach on a campus, finding the right location to preach from is very important. You don’t want to preach in a location that has very little walking traffic or in an area that has too much noise. You want to find a location with lots of students, where your message can be heard loud and clear. If the weather is cold, you want to find a location where the crowd can gather in the sun. If the weather is hot, you want to find a location where the crowd can gather in the shade. This is especially helpful if you want to gather a crowd to listen for hours at a time. And you want to find a spot to stand where you are either elevated, or behind some type of barrier that will keep the crowd back. If you are standing on the same level as the crowd without any barrier or elevation, the people could crowd in around you. This will result in your inability to address the entire crowd, especially those in the back, and thus result in their lack of interest and in them walking away.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been arrested before while trying to exercise freedom of speech on this public campus. But I have since found a city street that goes through the campus, from which I can preach to the students. This area is actually a very good location to preach from. There is an open brick area for all of the students to gather. The sidewalks are pretty busy during the class change. I am right outside some type of cafeteria. There is a curb I can preach from which gives me elevation and wall from a building in front of me which I can echo my voice off of. The only downside would be that it is a city street and therefore has some car traffic, but it is not a very busy street and so there isn’t a problem with any competitive noise.

In this newly found location, I’ve been able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and call the students to repentance. I’ve had pretty good size crowds out there, considering that it is a junior college. In fact, there have been some students from campus recognize me around town in a couple of stores now. So we have been having an impact on this campus. Some of the students have even followed me unto my facebook to discuss issues further. And the campus paper did an article on our outreaches, though it was very biased and poorly written.



It is very common for other “Christians” to come up to me while I am preaching, tell me privately that this is not the way to do it, and then turn to the crowd themselves and start giving them their own message. I have to think to myself, “If they really believe that this is not a good way to communicate the gospel to people, then why do they steal my crowd to communicate the gospel?” I think that’s what it usually comes down to is that many of them don’t want me to attack sin, call people to repentance, warn about hell or the anger of God, etc. Instead they want me to focus on only the positive things and fail to mention the negative ones which sinners won’t like. But we are commanded to preach the whole gospel, the whole truth, the whole counsel of God’s word. And the good news doesn’t make any sense without the bad news. Only hell deserving sinners need a savior. Only the damned are in need of salvation. So until people realize that they are damned, hell deserving sinners, they can’t possibly see their need of salvation through the Savior Jesus Christ. And the majority of the people I meet on campus do not believe that they deserve hell or that they are damned, so that is where I usually need to start.  



The first few outreaches that we recently had at TJC went without incident from the Police. The Police would come by and watch but wouldn’t bother me. One day I heard that they were on the phone with the Dean of Students, because the administration was trying to get me to leave. And while I saw the Police nearby on the phone, they never approached me.

However, during the last outreach that we had there one Police Officer arrived on the scene which I had never seen before. I’ve been coming to this campus on and off for about six years now, so many of the campus Police Officers are ones that I’ve dealt with in the past. But this Officer was apparently new and young. I suspect he was a rookie. He walked by us into one of the campus buildings, must have talked to someone who complained, and then came out a few minutes later. He approached us and said that we were on campus property and since we were not students, we needed to leave or be arrested. I told him that we were on a city sidewalk, that I had dealt with the Police already about this, and that I would like to talk to his superior. A few minutes later an older Officer arrived and pulled him to the side to talk. He then came back up to us and told us that we were good to continue preaching.



I’ve been bringing my banner to campus that says, “God Hates Sin” on one side and “Trust Jesus & Stop Sinning You Sinners” on the other side. A striking banner like this helps to get attention. One student made his own sign that said, “God hates Signs.” I’ve seen other students make similar signs like, “Signs are Stupid.” Though it does help for the students to make their own signs, because it creates more awareness on campus as to what is going on, the students never seem to put much effort into their signs. I joke around with them and say, “My sign is better than your sign,” “At least my banner is professional,” or “I’ve seen homeless people with better signs than yours.”



While I do preach alone a lot of times, I prefer to team up with other believers to preach together. Here in east Texas there is another campus preacher that I met a few years ago named Rick Bradley. Brother Rick heard Jed Smock preach on the University of Texas in Arlington back in the 1980’s and then started preaching on campuses and streets himself. He also has a PHD in theology and another PHD in apologetics, which can be very helpful on campuses.

The day that Brother Rick and I went to TJC was a Friday, so there were not many students around by the afternoon. But we were able to draw a small crowd. Many of them were students that I recognized from previous outreaches. And Brother Rick brought his guitar to sing some Christian evangelism songs. I find that using a guitar and singing some striking lyrics is a great way to reach out the students, because the students really do listen to the words. One of my favorite songs for campus is called, “It’s Not Ok To Be Gay”. It is always a popular request amongst the students.






Though Tyler Texas does not have too many places which are good for open air preaching, there is one bar in particular which works well. “Where’s Rufus” is a sports bar located on Broadway. It has an outdoor patio which they have recently remodeled to add some fire pits, flat screen TV’s, and an outside bar. Because the location of the patio is right next to the street, we can stand on the city grass with signs and banners and address the party goers. Many of the college students in town will go to this bar and a few other ones for their Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Therefore, we can preach the gospel to them during the day on campus and then again at night time at this bar!




If we just stand there with our banner, it isn’t long before the sinners on the patio start trying to talk with us. We usually get one of two reactions. First, there are those who try to justify their sin. They will say things like, “Jesus turned water into wine” or “I’m going to Church on Sunday.And then there are the really angry sinners who say, “@$%#!&*#.” And then there is the owner. The owner of the club used to be involved in one of the local Christian ministries in the area and even went overseas on mission trips. But he has really turned his back on Christianity. We’ve been ministering to him on and off for years. He talked with us for a long time this particular night. He is always friendly and nice in conversation, and I think that we are having an impact on him. We will continue to pray for him.




This particular night was “St. Patrick’s Day” which is always a huge party day for sinners. While St. Patrick was a missionary to Ireland who brought them the gospel, people use his day as an occasion for wickedness. When I was in the world, my friends and I would drink and gamble all day long.

This sports bar decided to have a rock concert out in their parking lot. They apparently did the same thing last year and some of my local friends preached there. This year was my chance. Events like this do not happen often in Tyler. Because of where they located the stage, we were able to stand in clear visible sight of the audience right next to the stage where the musicians were performing. Though the music was very loud, we were able to shout out basic gospel messages in between songs, and we were able to hold our banner the entire time for all to read.



 An Interview with a Street Preacher



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Our son Justice William Morrell was born March 2, 2011 at 5:01 am! It was a wonderful pregnancy and a nice and easy birth, according to my wife. Krista is recovering very well and our daughter Elizabeth loves having a new baby in the house. Praise the Lord! Special thanks to Kali Park ( for serving as our doula and photographer!








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