Open Air Preaching Tips: How to Draw A Crowd | Jesse Morrell

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Open Air Preaching Tips – How to Draw A Crowd

Jesse Morrell

Some open air preachers will say things like, “It doesn’t matter if we draw a crowd or not.” Usually, those who can’t draw a crowd are those who say such things. But of course we want to draw a crowd and of course it matters if people listen to us or not. We want to reach people. If it really doesn’t matter, why not just preach in your backyard to the trees or preach in your bathtub? We have a message for the people so we need to learn how to capture their attention.

The preachers who criticize those of us who are mindful of drawing a crowd usually assume some type of selfish motive in doing so. They think we just want to capture a picture of us preaching to a crowd, make a video for youtube, etc. I suspect that they are really projecting their own secret motives unto other preachers. The reason I want to draw a crowd is because I have an important message to give to them.

In the Bible you see God commanding His prophets to preach at the gate of the city or the gate of the temple. That is strategic because everyone in the city or everyone in the temple has to go in and out at the gate. Obviously, God was mindful of actually preaching to the people. We should also have a strategy and be mindful of this. God even told His prophets to do some pretty outrageous things which were calculated in their nature to capture the attention of the public. Open air preaching is an art and those who engage in it need to constantly seek to improve their skill.

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