Why Do Calvinists Witness or Street Preach At All? Jesse Morrell

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It’s true that there are some Calvinists street preachers but does their theology justify their efforts? Can their perspective on the issue of salvation account for the necessity for urgency in evangelism? The answer is no. Just like atheists will use “reason” and “logic,” though their worldview cannot account for them, so also are there Calvinists who are zealous in their evangelism efforts thought their worldview cannot account for this.

In Calvinism, if you choose not to evangelize or are lazy in your efforts you will not increase the number of the damned. And if you are very active and zealous, you still won’t increase the number of the saved. The number for both groups is set and you cannot increase or decrease it by being negligent or by being diligent. The damned will be damned despite what you do and the saved will be saved no matter what. You cannot increase or decrease the number of the elect nor can you increase or decrease the number of the reprobates. So it truly makes no difference at all in Calvinism whether you are negligent or diligent in evangelism. And any theology which is inconsistent with evangelism, or hinders the zeal thereof, cannot be a biblical God-glorifying Christ-centered theology.

Just some thoughts for the day.

~ Jesse Morrell



Objections to Calvinism As It Is by Randolph S. Foster is a classic rebuttal to the doctrines of “Reformed Theology” from the 1800’s.  The false theology of Calvinism is refuted by the authors scriptural and rational arguments, plainly exposing the so-called “Doctrines of Grace” for what they really are. Some Christians have called this work the best book on Calvinism out there. The authors use of logic, scripture, and sarcasm makes this book a blessing to read!

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