The Lies of Photographer and Journalist Cory McCoy of Tyler Junior College & The Libel of the Apache Pow Wow

The Lies of Photographer and Journalist Cory McCoy of Tyler Junior College & The Libel of the Apache Pow Wow (

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Exodus 20:16

“Men, brethren, and fathers, hear ye my defence which I make now unto you.” Acts 22:1

 photo MugShot_zps49509ba3.jpg

Kyle Douglas, the man who committed aggravated assault with a deadly weapon against Jesse Morrell.

As many of you already know, a sinner pulled a gun on me at Tyler Junior College. Kyle Douglas is a known thief and criminal. And after we caught him stealing our other items I noticed my camera bag with camera was missing. When I asked him where my camera was, he assaulted me. Why would he assault me for asking, “Where is my camera?” unless he was in fact guilty of stealing it?

You can read the detailed report of the situation here: Sinner (Kyle Douglas) Pulls a Gun on Campus Preacher Jesse Morrell

As it turns out, one of my hecklers from that day is also a photographer and journalist for the campus paper. He had been out listening to us preaching, mocking us, etc. He has now written a slanderous article for the campus paper that is full of libel!

That day I was stolen from, assaulted, and had a gun pointed at me, and Cory McCoy is trying to paint me out to be the aggressor instead of the victim! This is not journalism. This is a biased media spin if I’ve ever seen one.

Allow me to highlight the absolute lies that Cory McCoy published in his TJC article:

An altercation took place in front of the Pirtle Technology Building. The skirmish began when a religious picketer accused a student of stealing his camcorder.

The first inaccuracy is saying that I was a religious picketer! I was the camera man that day. I never held a sign. I never held a banner. Yet I am referred to in this article as a picketer? Why? Because picketers by definition are seen as disgruntle, upset, maybe even angry, etc. He is trying to paint me in a bad light from the onset by stating something that is evidently false according to all the videos and photos – as I never held a sign the entire time. This shows you just how biased and inaccurate his reporting already is. This sets the pace for the rest of the article.

And it actually started when we caught him stealing our other property! We caught him red handed stealing one of our banners and then my tripod. At that point I looked around at our other stuff and I noticed that the camera was missing. Therefore asked him, “Where is my camera? Is it in your back pack?” At that point he assaulted me.

Cory McCoy also reported:

The two engaged in a shoving match before they were pulled apart.

Actually, I never shoved him back. In fact, according to the photo that Cory himself took and uploaded to Facebook, it is shown that a student pulled Kyle away from me because he was the aggressor, not I.

This is that photo:

 photo TJC31_zpsc20adde2.jpg

 photo TJC32_zps7eeca671.jpg

Notice who the actual aggressor is! The man being pulled away by another student is. Why did Cory McCoy report that “they were pulled apart” when in fact it was only Kyle Douglas who had to be pulled away? His own photo shows that he is lying in his article.

Here are the photos showing the narrative of the first assault, which reveal that Kyle Douglas was the aggressor. Notice that I am looking around for my camera while I am asking him, “Where is my camera?” And he comes and gets in my face and then shoves me:

 photo TJC10_zps0f8ec8cc.jpg

 photo TJC8_zpse6fda62e.jpg

 photo TJC12_zpseb517be6.jpg

 photo TJC11_zps4aac2fe6.jpg

 photo TJC13_zps76427601.jpg

 photo TJC14_zps76b169fc.jpg

 photo TJC15_zpsc24beb9d.jpg

 photo tjc18_zps937dc462.jpg

 photo TJC17_zps48be462e.jpg

 photo TJC16_zpseeecf82b.jpg

 photo TJC19_zps82e9c3c8.jpg

 photo TJC20_zpsbb7150c3.jpg

 photo TJC21_zpsd8bf286d.jpg

 photo TJC24_zps6a2d6c3d.jpg

 photo TJC22_zpsb9c9e99b.jpg

 photo TJC23_zps8031575c.jpg

 photo TJC26_zps17469cb2.jpg

It looks like this photo of Kyle Douglas assaulting me has been cropped by Cory McCoy because it is different from ALL the other photos. But notice the bend of his elbow, showing clearly that he is shoving me

 photo TJC27_zpsa7695efc.jpg

 photo TJC31_zpsc20adde2.jpg

It is of note that Kyle Douglas was wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a winter coat even though the weather was in the seventies and I was hot without having a coat on. That outfit is ideal for a theft and he may have put my camera under his coat…

Cory McCoy also reported:

As the student was being talked down, the picketer grabbed his tripod and began shoving his way back into the crowd. Multiple students allege that they were hit with the stand. Multiple students immediately called campus police.

Actually, as soon as the man pushed me I put down the tripod. When I went back into the crowd I had no tripod at all, as video footage itself shows. Any students who claim that I assaulted them with a tripod are bold face liars.

Even in the pictures uploaded to Facebook by this photographer, I had no tripod when I went into the crowd.

This was me putting down the tripod as soon as I was assaulted and was pushed:

 photo TJC27_zpsa7695efc.jpg

This is a picture of me in the crowd, lifting up both of my hands in frustration because those students started shoving me around like a ping pong ball. Notice that I had no tripod in my hands!

 photo NoTripod_zps5369f230.jpg

Of course I was angry and frustrated in this picture. I just had a $1,000 camera stolen from me, the man we caught stealing our other items then assaulted me, and when I went into the crowd that guy in front of me started shoving me around. I was rightfully angry and frustrated.

And this was me picking up my tripod again after I left the crowd:

 photo Pickingupthetripodagain_zpse2e2ce3b.jpg

I picked up my tripod because I knew that my property was not safe in that area and was afraid someone else might come and try to steal it, as Kyle Douglas already tried.

This sequence of events is shown in the photos that Cory McCoy himself uploaded to the TJC’s newspaper’s facebook page. They cannot provide pictures of me in the crowd assaulting people with a tripod because it did not happen. They are bold face liars.

Furthermore, CBS 19 showed video clips of me in the crowd without any tripod and the campus has security cameras that captured this event will also show that I put down my tripod before entering the crowd, had no tripod in the crowd and never assaulted anyone, and then picked up my tripod again after I left the crowd. So how can Cory McCoy report lies and say that I assaulted people with a tripod?? It is because he is a sinner who hated my preaching before the assaults even happened.

UPDATE: just uploaded an edited version of some of the video footage.

The video that MyTJCNews just uploaded shows that their own article is false! They wrote, “As the student was being talked down, the picketer grabbed his tripod and began shoving his way back into the crowd. Multiple students allege that they were hit with the stand. Multiple students immediately called Campus Police.”

That is not what the video shows!

Notice it even shows me picking up the tripod after I left the crowd! It shows how when I went to talk to Kyle Douglas, other students began assaulting me by pushing me all over the place! How then can you report that I shoved my way into the crowd and began assaulting people with a tripod???

Also notice in the video the woman in the blue shirt who got in front of me to protect me, trying to keep the others away and saying, “I don’t even know who he is but yall need to leave him alone!” It was obvious to her that I was being assaulted.

Then you hear the voice of none other than Cory McCoy saying, “What kind of Christian are you going and attacking others?” He started the spin on his story right away!

Cory McCoy also reported:

The student then tried to remove himself from the situation, but was followed up to his vehicle in the S-7 parking lot near Wesley House.

When I was in the crowd and I realized that these students were just going to shove me around and will not let me talk to Kyle Douglas again about my camera, that is when I decided to leave the crowd. And when I saw Kyle leave the crowd and start walking up the street I thought, “Now is my chance to talk to him again about my camera before he gets away.”

Kyle Douglas wanted to leave because he had stolen my video camera and wanted to get away with the goods. He was not trying to remove himself from the situation. He went to the passenger side of the truck, not the driver’s side, because that is where the gun was.

I had the right to follow him and suspect him of stealing my camera because we caught him stealing our other items! And when I followed him I saw him put a small black bag into the truck (my camera bag) but then he immediately pulled out a gun.

Notice that his own fellow journalist by the name of Zach Pichett reported to CBS 19, “”The guy’s up here putting stuff in his truck and Jesse gets in his face and everything,”

First I never got in his face, as your own photos show, but Kyle Douglas was putting stuff into his truck. My camera bag! It was not his back pack. Notice that in your own pictures he still had his back pack on when he pulled the gun on me. So what was he putting into the truck? The stolen goods!

This is a picture of Kyle Douglas pulling a gun on me, still wearing his back pack:

 photo StudentShovesPreacherTowardsManWithGun2_zps9f11bb28.jpg photo tjc6_zps429c705e.jpgIt is seen that Kyle Douglas still had his back pack on when I turned to leave, so what was it that we saw him put into the truck? The pictures do not show him with any other items except the back pack. So it is obvious that it was my camera bag, that he had concealed, that he put into the truck right before he pulled out the gun.

Also notice where the eyes of the student with the long hair are. On the man with the gun, not on me, because he was the aggressor not me.

Cory McCoy also reported:

The suspect dogged him to his vehicle and began shoving the student and attempting to hit others with his tripod.

Do the pictures show that I was shoving and attempting to hit others with a tripod? These were the pictures that Cory McCoy uploaded to try to prove his slander:

 photo StudentShovesPreacherTowardsManWithGun2_zps9f11bb28.jpgThis picture clearly shows a student shoving me in the back towards the man with a gun! This is a picture of me being assaulted, not of me assaulting people!

 photo StudentShovesPreacherTowardsManWithGun_zpse4efb182.jpg

 photo tjc6_zps429c705e.jpg

Look at these pictures and you will see that when I turned to leave because the man was pointing a gun at me, that student stood in my way and would not let me leave! Just look at the way that his body is! He is evidently stopping me from leaving! These pictures do not show me assault people with a tripod! These pictures show a student not allowing me to leave (legally called kidnapping).

Nevertheless, Cory McCoy and the TJC Newspaper wrote this about these photos:

Update: MyTJCnews has exclusive pictures leading up to the moment that a student allegedly pulled a gun, showing the picketer hitting students with a tripod.


Exclusive Picture. This is the moment that the student allegedly pulled a firearm in order to defend himself and the students being attacked by the picketer using the tripod as a weapon.

How is it that when the paper is speaking about Kyle Douglas, it is referred to as “alledgely pulling a firearm” when Apache Pow Wow Journalist Zach Pickett already told Police that he saw the gun, according to CBS 19? Yet when it comes to the accusation of me hitting people with a tripod, it is NOT stated that I “allegedly” did it but that I actually did do it, even though that is not what is shown in the pictures! Provide the pictures of me assaulting anyone Cory! And show pictures of their bumps, bruises, and wounds! Cory McCoy and the Tyler Junior College Apache Pow Wow is publishing nothing more than libel!

The reason that they cannot provide a single picture of me assaulting anyone with my tripod is because it did not happen. Cory McCoy and other students are nothing more than vicious liars and it is because they hated my preaching against the sins of the campus.

Cory McCoy also reported:

The student, unable to get his backpack and jacket into his vehicle, then pulled a gun

Does this photo show that I somehow blocked Kyle Douglas from putting his back pack into the truck? Or that I was in his face?

 photo GettingtheGun_zps92d1416c.jpg

Here you can see Kyle Douglas in his truck bending over to get his gun, when I am not blocking him from putting his back pack into the truck nor am I any physical threat to him at all! I am not lifting up my tripod trying to assault him, etc. Kyle Douglas pulled a gun on me because he wanted to get away with stealing my camera, not because I was a physical threat to him!

Cory McCoy and the TJC Apache Pow Wow shows their article to be false by their own pictures!

 photo CoryMcCoy_zps1a330388.jpg

I hope that Cory McCoy is not seeking a professional career in journalism! If anyone in the future is reading this, maybe he has applied to work for you and you are thinking about hiring Cory McCoy for a journalism position for your newspaper – don’t do it! Especially not if you want your newspaper paper to be credible and free from libel lawsuits!


Here Kyle Douglas can be found on his facebook page trying to strategize with his friends to see if people would buy a “self defense” story:

 photo KyleDouglasFacebook_zps66e539c3.jpg

Notice he wrote in all bold letters and all the question marks! It is obvious that he is insecure about whether or not he can try to claim self defense. After all, he pulled a gun on an unarmed preacher who was simply asking him questions!

Why is Cory McCoy and the Apache Pow Wow of TJC trying to to help this criminal? Is it that they really hate my preaching that much, that they are seeking to defend a criminal who pulled a gun on campus??


The Bible is against Cory McCoy:

“If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him that which is wrong; Then both the men, between whom the controversy is, shall stand before the LORD, before the priests and the judges, which shall be in those days; And the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness be a false witness, and hath testified falsely against his brother; Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shalt thou put the evil away from among you.” Deuteronomy 19:16-19

“A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.” Proverbs 19:5

“A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.” Proverbs 19:1

“A false witness shall perish: but the man that heareth speaketh constantly.” Proverbs 21:28

“False witnesses did rise up; they laid to my charge things that I knew not.” Psalms 35:11

“Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty.” Psalms 27:12

“Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.” Matt. 5:11-12

“For many bare false witness against him, but their witness agreed not together.” Mark 14:56

“And set up false witnesses” Acts 6:13

“It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.” Proverbs 21:15

“He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.” Proverbs 17:15

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2 Responses to The Lies of Photographer and Journalist Cory McCoy of Tyler Junior College & The Libel of the Apache Pow Wow

  1. I have yet to receive word from anyone as to whether or not they are going to indite Kyle Douglas (apparently nobody cares to inform me), but I saw that Kyle posted on his Facebook 18 hours ago that they already told him that they are not going to indite him.

    The purpose of a Grand Jury is not to decide whether a person is innocent or guilty, but only if there is sufficient evidence to prosecute a case. Unfortunately I am the only one who saw him put my camera bag into his truck right before he pulled a gun and pointed it at me. He claimed self defense and completely denied stealing my camera. He said that he felt scared and threatened even though I never made any threats at all.

    I knew that the campus Police and at least the City Police Officer who I first talked to didn’t care about the situation and treated me as if I was at fault. But I just found out that the Prosecutor herself didn’t want the case from the onset.

    Kyle Douglas posted this on his Facebook page:

    “the exact words of the grand jury prosecutor when asked if i could bring photos to illistrate my case was “tell him to bring whatever he needs to make this go away”

    As you can see, they were looking for any possible way to drop the whole case instead of pursue truth and justice. So Kyle Douglas stole my camera, assaulted me, and then pulled a gun on me, and the only one he will have to answer to is God.

    However, the campus and the city are essentially shooting themselves in the foot as I am sure that this is not the last time they will have to deal with Kyle Douglas in their court system, considering his impenitent heart and history in crime. He is a danger to the community and getting away with crime will only encourage him in it and thereby endanger society.

    Despite all of this, I am thinking about going out to the TJC campus on Monday to preach the gospel. I will take my new camera out with me and also a few secret cameras just in case.

    In the days of the Early Church, they faced many physical threats from angry sinners and certainly the Roman government did not seek to protect them but actually persecuted them also.

    “But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” Acts 20:24

  2. I noticed that the slanderous article written by “Cory McCoy” falsely accusing me of assaulting people with my tripod, among other things, has been taken down from the MyTJCNews website.

    Praise God! I am sure that my article on my blog refuting his false statement with pictures and videos is part of the reason. They likely also feared a libel lawsuit.

    And now they have a much better article on their website about my outreaches at TJC.

    At least this article has actual quotes from me. A lot of times campus papers don’t even care to quote from the preacher they are supposedly writing about and typically only quote hearsay of what he said.

    Though I wonder if the other campus ministries that complained about my open air preaching have ever actually been to one of my open air meetings or if they have simply heard about it from students….

    It is interesting that the Reverend and director of the Wesleyan Foundation says that open air preaching doesn’t help the image of Christianity… I wonder what he would have thought of John Wesley and George Whitefield who were the founders of Methodism…

    I also thought it was funny how the minister for the Baptist Student Ministries said that when God leads you to do something it doesn’t cause chaos. LOL. Has this man ever read about the riots in the book of Acts? Or how the preaching of Jesus Christ resulted in angry mobs that tried to kill him?

    This is a YouTube video of one of our recent outreaches to the TJC campus:

    These are some of the comments that have been made on that video:

    “Seriously, the students were mocking him, threatening him, tempting him, cursing him, persecuting him and more. It sounds like the very thing they did to the Christ. What the students did seemed like what demons would do to a saint.”

    “I haven’t watched the whole thing but these kids are pathetic degenerates whose attempts to overpower the preacher fall pretty flat. Most of them will probably wallow in sin and poverty for the rest of their lives. Jesse handled the situation with poise and patience. What a great man.”

    “Sad part is these kids could walk away at any time, but just look how they get up in his face, cursing and being totally childish. Proof positive people don’t reach maturity even at college age. Fortunately some do, but the majority have little respect for their fellow man.”

    “Great job Jesse! I admire your boldness, & especially your temperance & self-control.”

    “Wow!! The youths are lost…”

    “Great video, Jesse! I watched the whole thing…all the students were listening intently, but there was one, the guy in black who shook your hand, who appeared noticably appreciative…Praise God for what you’re doing for the Kingdom of God! God bless!”

    “Jesse: Your patience is incredible. What a shame that by the time most of these kids actually realize how much you cared about them, it will be too late for them. To think that these kids are the future leaders of America! They act like they have an IQ of about 40. They hate you and mock you, but they’ll stay for over an hour and skip class to hear you. I pray they repent, or this day will bring them greater condemnation.”

    “Well just imagine if some of these young people becomes leaders and police officers in the future. Society will be much worse than it’s today.”

    “Jesse was the one with reason. The one’s who were behaving like wild animals were clearly the students. That part is obvious.”

    “Awesome preaching, as usual, Jesse. You’re as a lamb in a wolf’s den, sir. Very brave for you being there that long. Love the videos.”

    “Couldn’t really hear what was going on the first time, But wow this was awesome.. !!! I pray God’s Holy Spirit fills these kids and leads them to repentance in Jesus Christ Name NoDoubt !”

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