Salvation Testimony: Open-Air Preaching Works! Jesse Morrell

I am regularly contacted by people who tell me that they repented of their sins after watching our open-air preaching videos. Just recently we had someone give us a donation to our ministry trailer and this was the message they sent with it:
“First off Jesse, I want to say thank you. I am 21 years old. And about 6 months ago i repented of my sins because of watching your preaching videos. It has been a real battle for me to battle against temptation of sin but, through the holy spirit and god I have prospered against it. My life has changed pretty drastically and I have done things through the holy spirit that I never thought I could do since I was a shy and fearful guy. I hope one day to preach the word like you one day. God bless.”
PRAISE GOD! Please pray for this brother! I am always deeply encouraged and greatly rejoice every time I hear of a sinner coming to repentance! And thank you to everyone who helps support us and make this ministry possible!
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